Johann Silva

I consistently find myself being pushed in all aspects and it has been truly a privilege to have met someone who is so passionate about this art form and the people involved. But it was when I began my preparation for drama school auditions in October/November that I fully realised his commitment and skill. Thanks to Gareth and our tireless work together I was fortunate to be accepted in QUT's Acting Course. I can truly say that I am grateful to have met Gareth and will continue to invest time into his classes.

Mark Edwards

Gareth's knowledge of the acting craft has been invaluable to me. He has helped me with the most critical aspect of acting, which is to know how to connect with text in a very personal way. He has also taught me how to take concrete information from a script and build a character from there. Most importantly though, Gareth has been a great mentor, encouraging me to be as good as I can be and has helped me to realize my full potential. That, I think is his gift.”

Karen Sommers

Gareth has a very in depth understanding of both what it means to be an actor and what it takes to be a great one, drawing on his experience in Britain in theatre and television I felt that I was not only getting the tuition that I needed but the insights into the craft that are required to reach a full understanding of both the difficulty and the beauty of what an actor is trying to achieve.

Belle Fitzgerald

Gareth’s classes were an incredibly valuable addition to my education as an actor. His knowledge and enthusiasm for the craft not only made the classes more enjoyable than any others I had taken but also made them incredibly inspiring.

Sam Carson

Just want to let you know that these acting classes have given me alot more confidence towards all aspects of life, and i just want to say thank you. Also, when i was driving home last night i was practising the script you gave me, and i rekon i nailed it on the head haha. I didnt really understand how to interpret the script however after your help i got it! Looking forward to seeing you next week.

Nicole Murray

Thank you Gareth for pushing my boundaries and continually teaching me to look further inside to the many areas of my personality. Acting class is so much fun and that’s because you make it that way with your mix of humour and professionalism. You have so much knowledge and it is a real pleasure to learn from you. See you at the next class!

Russell Cockrill

These observations were not requested by Gareth –he’s not into feigned praise. Gareth attacks the work (script) with a forensic, relentless enthusiasm. No room for faking here – The script gets the most thorough going over before words are allowed to emerge. Thoroughly approachable and peppering the evening with anecdotes from his not inconsiderable experience as an actor, Gareth draws you in with his passion, his energy and his total commitment. It’s fun, it’s scary, it’s demanding, it’s satisfying.

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